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Natural Gas Line Repair & Installation

Are you in need a gas line repaired or replaced?

Do you have a gas line leak?  Do you smell a sulfur-like odor?  That odor could mean that you have a gas leak.  If you smell an odor, get out of your home or office and call 911 immediately.

You should never try to fix a gas leak yourself.  A professional plumber with a plumbing permit is required in an emergency gas line repair.

Let the gas line repair specialists at A&S Plumbing of Southern Indiana repair the damage and get the gas turned back on, so you can return to your life.  We have over 15 years of experience in gas line repair throughout Clarksville Indiana, Jeffersonville Indiana , Sellersburg Indiana  and New Albany Indiana.

Gas Line Installation

A & S Plumbing of Southern Indiana has a team of licensed plumbers that are skilled installers of natural gas lines for your home or business.  New construction, remodeling, or simple repairs and appliance installations are no problem. We have over 15 years of experience installing natural gas lines, valves & fittings.

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