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Toilet Repair & Installation

Stop throwing your money down the toilet!

Does your toilet need to be repaired? Does it run non-stop?  Is it noisy? Has it lost its flushing power? Let the experts from A & S Plumbing of Southern Indiana remedy the problem with a simple toilet repair, although, you may need a new toilet to be installed. Whether you need a to upgrade to a more efficient toilet or a repair, our experienced plumbing experts can help.

A & S Plumbing of Southern Indiana has a team of honest and knowledgeable plumbers, while still offering the most competitive rates in the area. We will do the job right the first time to ensure that everything works properly.

A clogged, leaking, or backed-up toilet is certainly no fun. It’s unsanitary, embarrassing, inconvenient, and may even pose health risks unless it is fixed quickly and properly. Our experienced plumbing experts in Southern Indiana are here to repair or replace your toilet, today.



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